Our Story

We are a family run business and we are passionate about our industry. R Brown SLE Ltd was established in May 2001 after previously spending 13 years in the industry. We started as a sole trader business and became incorporated in 2012. We have built our business based on our experience, and understanding of our customers needs, trust and honesty. We have over the past 14 years built up a loyal customer base which can only be founded by the level of service we offer, the quality, the commitment and dedication by the R Brown SLE Ltd employees.

Our aim

The aim is to demonstrate that we R Brown SLE Ltd working together with our customers are the right partners, with the right solution for designing, implementing and providing service support within the Laundry industry, by

  • Delivering reliable, function-rich and proven technology, proven in the field many times over and meeting or exceeding our customer’s productivity and control requirements.
  • Implementing a low risk, on-schedule and smooth delivery from a company with a long track record of implementing successful projects.
  • Creating certainty with a recommendation of a largely on-site engineering team, dedicated to supporting our customers, and backed by an extensive specialist support network.
  • Offering to create a long-term, powerful and intelligent partnership, where trust and creativity will offer many benefits.
  • Underpinning our activities with confidentiality and highly secure processes and practices.

The advantages we offer

We are the right choice for providing the highest standards of quality and service in every aspect of our industry. Drawing on almost three decades of experience in the laundry and associated industries, we are uniquely positioned to advise, support and deliver a workable solution. Our engineers are dedicated and conscientious and pride themselves on working with our customers to create a harmonious working environment. We are flexible. We understand the industry and know what it takes to be successful.

We pride ourselves on developing long-term trusted partnerships with our customers, and many of our customer relationships have been established for several decades. To keep these long-term partnerships fresh and effective, we constantly invest in technical excellence, accelerated innovation and next-generation products and services.

Our proposition

We always believe it is important to advise our customers on the best solution based on our years of experience in the industry, the expert advice of our specialist consultants, and our best practices implemented on a global level. We understand that our customers have a mission to be the best workplace services providers in the industry. We will offer as a minimum, excellent quality and value.