White Knight Laundry Services

Apollo Project 2013 - Overview

R Brown SLE Ltd was appointed Laundry equipment supplier and engineering specialist by White Knight Laundry to provide consultancy, design and installation for a new laundry facilities.

The overall goal was to deliver a turnkey and energy efficient Laundry facility, whilst maintaining the existing laundry operation, to ensure that existing daily productivity was not lost. This required detailed planning and implementation. The new system combines a 20 stage Lavatec CBW system; connected with bespoke stainless steel pipework throughout and a full turnkey operational controls system.

The project, overseen by Andy Marsh, Divisional Director of White Knight Laundry Services has brought together innovative technology, expert skills and the largest steam free continuous batch washing machinery in the world.

Richard Brown - Managing Director of R Brown SLE Ltd stated “the main objective was to deliver a workable solution that delivered greater efficiency, improved lower running costs and profitability for White Knight Laundry. I wanted to design and install a unique system, whilst ensuring the project times scales and the project costs where maintained as agreed during the projects initiation stage. I was confident that my team would inevitably deliver a superior laundry operating platform that would be bench marked across the laundry industry. I think the results speaks for itself ”

The following video demonstrates the overall turnkey solution provided by R Brown SLE Ltd;

Andy Marsh - Operations Director for White Knight Laundry statedWe now have the ability to offer our clients an improved service and unrivalled quality at no additional cost; we’re already saving at least 50% on our gas bill alone. In addition, we are absolutely dedicated to limiting the impact of our business on the environment. R Brown SLE Ltd delivered a system that has enhanced this commitment by providing us with the most efficient process in the industry, making significant savings, in both energy and water usage. One of my main priorities was to see continual progress and avoid ineffective periods of time. R Brown SLE Ltd managed to build us our new turnkey laundry over our existing laundry, without any loss of production. I chose R Brown SLE Ltd based on their industry specific knowledge. In my own opinion, R Brown SLE Ltd was the obvious choice of supplier based on their extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. They have a proven track record. I’ve been impressed throughout by R Brown SLE Ltd who delivered on time and within budget.”