Consultancy and Design Services

R Brown SLE Ltd offer a consultancy and design service for faster adoption and return on investment across your Laundry solution and can offer companies advice or direction in order to become more efficient, productive and successful. within your Laundry facilities, through analysis, professional experience and examination. Please give us a call to discuss.

Equipment Installation

To realise the full value of your new laundry equipment investments, you need a reliable and on-time integration into your business. A faulty or delayed implementation can result in business disruptions or performance degradation and escalating costs. R Brown SLE Ltd Implementation team can provide a reliable, efficient implementation of your new equipment to help prevent downtime, reduce time and cost overuns and free your staff to focus on other business activities.

  • Helps prevent business disruption with a more efficient, reliable implementation of your equipment
  • Facilitates control of implementation costs and improved timelines with leading project management skills
  • Helps deliver successful integration of new equipment into your

The following video demonstrates activities carried out by R Brown SLE Ltd during a delivery phase of a project.

Relocation Services

R Brown SLE Ltd can offer the removal of a single machine or deliver a complete factory relocation package. Our procedures and quality standards are applied to all moving operations whether we are removing a single piece of machinery or a complete industrial site. We understand that factory removal and relocation can be a major disruption for any business. R Brown SLE Ltd employ optimised planning techniques to ensure resources are continually maximised, therefore reducing your production down time. Our project management team can also attend all production meetings that are required to plan any moves to the smallest detail.

Our experienced team of engineers and fitters are able to operate both nationally and internationally, supported by an extensive transport and lifting fleet. Our flexible service includes the following:

  • Disconnection of services and dismantling of machinery
  • Machine lifting and handling onto transport
  • Machine transportation to customer site
  • Provision of Risk assessments
  • Offloading and positioning
  • Lining, leveling and securing of machinery
  • Reconnection of main services
  • Project management

The following video demonstrates activities carried out by R Brown SLE Ltd during a customer request to relocate a large boiler system to a new site.

Service Support

By providing flexible and adaptable support services R Brown SLE Ltd is able to work in partnership with our customers to future-proof their investment. Through this partnership customers can have total confidence and trust R Brown SLE Ltd support services will safeguard customer reputation, and optimise operational efficiency.

By utilising these support services the equipment gives a consistently high level of performance with key machine components being constantly monitored. Lifetime service maintenance agreements and a policy of continuous upgrades and spares repair R Brown SLE Ltd support services significantly increase machine availability to optimise productivity and reduce cost of ownership. The impact on day-to-day operations is also minimised by repairing, calibrating and upgrading components on-site where possible.

Project Management

R Brown SLE Ltd track record in delivering certainty and success in its project implementations has been proven time and again, successfully executing many projects in a number of countries in the last 14 years. To achieve this level of replicable success on this scale, R Brown SLE Ltd uses a well-proven structured approach to Project Management, to ensure that we:

  • Give clarity to the project with effective and reliable communication;
  • Fully understand the goals and needs of our customers, and align the project deliverables accordingly;
  • Develop and maintain a productive and effective working partnership with our customers;
  • Involve and obtain input from all the authorised interested parties throughout;
  • Deliver the agreed quality products and services on time and within budget;
  • Ensure flexibility and manage change effectively, in conjunction with our customers;
  • Identify and communicate and then eliminate or mitigate the risks associated with the project;
  • Identify and evaluate, and then communicate, address and resolve the issues associated with the project;
  • Continuously create opportunities for improvement to the services and products supplied.